Swap Partition

Swap Partition :

  • Swap Partition is a reserve area in HDD created by administrator during the installation of linux.
  • The size of swap should be double of RAM size.
  • For example, If the RAM is of 2GB the swap will be of 4GB.
  • When RAM run out of space, OS enable the swap partition.

For Example :

Swap Partition
  • Free RAM equal to 100MB program P require 125MB, OS activate swap partition,program P is divided in two part P1(100MB) stored into RAM and part P2(25MB) stored into swap partition.
  • When P1 required any data of P2, unrequired part of P1 is swapped out and required part of P2 swapped in.

Advantage :

A program of higher size can be written in available RAM size.

Disadvantage :

Time consuming.